July 4th Countdown: Our Exalted Parade Team

Only four days to go until the main event! Today we reveal the team that makes it all happen: the rundown of the identities of our equipes (teams), cabeças (heads), mestres (masters), and carnavalescos (parade organizers).

We are lucky to have Marcos Oliveira, one of Chicago’s finest Brazilian sambistas, as our puxador; and John Beard as our master cavaquinho player! Members of Chicago’s own Bloco Maximo will be leading some of our percussion sections, and as always (as in the photo above!) Diane Berrios will be heading the dancers.

But wait – what of the identities of the three most exalted positions – the Mestre-Sala, the Porta-Bandeira, and the Rainha da Bateria? Those are still secret, and will be revealed each day as we move closer to our 4th of July Spectacular!

Equipe do Dança:
Porta Bandeira: TBA
Mestre Sala: TBA
Rainha de Bateria: TBA
Cabeça do Dança: Diane Berrios

Os Músicos:
Puxador: Marcos Oliveira
Cavaquinho: John Beard
Diretor: Chris Hasselbring

Equipe de Bateria:
Mestre de Bateria: Avo Randruut
Cabeça de Percussão: Andrew Green
Cabeça de Percussão: Reed Flygt

Equipe de Carnavalescos:  Lindsay Fullerton, Chris Hasselbring, Kirsty Montgomery, Matt Rarey