July 4th Countdown: Rainha da Bateria, Mestre-Sala, and Porta-Bandeira, Revealed!

The big parade is finally upon us! Tomorrow, we will showcase all our hard work at the Evanston 4th of July Parade, or what we are calling our 4th of July Spectacular. Yesterday we gave thanks to all the people who helped us this year. Today we finally are ready to reveal the identities of the most exalted positions in the parade!

Our 2012 Rainha da Bateria will be none other than EEDS’ own Ariel Barbick!

The 2012 EEDS Mestre-Sala will be Jaime Angeles, a longtime dancer in the Chicagoland samba scene and an amazing performer!

And finally, our 2012 Porta-Bandeira, carrying the EEDS flag proudly, will be Zenaida Saez!

These three amazing dancers, along with the rest of our talented dancers and percussionists, will all be in action at the July 4th Parade tomorrow on Central Street in Evanston. And if you want to see their costumes in person, you will need to come to the parade – we aren’t revealing them here.

Thanks to everyone for following our progress leading up to July 4th, and we will see you tomorrow at the parade!