Evanston 4th of July Parade: The Results Are In!

Zenaida Saez, 2012 EEDS Porta-Bandeira at the Evanston 4th of July Parade

Congrats to the Evanston Escola de Samba for an incredible showing at the Evanston 4th of July Parade! Not only did we win 1st place in the category “performance,” but we were one of three overall parade winners. EEDS was awarded the “Pelton Plaque” for “Outstanding Neighborhood Group” (see complete list of Parade winners here).

Thanks to all the EEDS performers, especially to those who danced and carried drums in the incredible inferno (103 degrees!) that was this year’s parade. There are so many people to thank we are not sure where to start! We want to express gratitude to EEDS Board chair Matt Rarey and EEDS members Kirsty Montgomery, Lindsay Fullerton, and Elyse Fineman for helping to conceive of the parade and for doing the incredible amount of hard work to get it done, and believe us, it was an incredible amount of work. Thanks to all the EEDS students who have been with us throughout the year and have maintained a strong core that made it possible to bring the overall level of our Escola up several notches since last year. Thanks to all the EEDS dancers, especially our flag bearers, Zenaida Saez and Jaime Angeles, and our dance leaders, Diane Berrios and Ariel Barbick, who set the tone for the whole group and kept us all alive with their amazing energy and poise. It goes without saying how much everyone at EEDS loves our friends from Bloco Maximo who came in to make our bateria sizzle!! Special thanks to Reed Flygt and Andrew Green for donating so much time and energy to the cause. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped build and decorate our float. Thanks to Michael Kormanik and our partners from Greenwise Organic Lawn Services who provided wonderful support  before, during, and after the parade. Thanks to our professional musicians Marcos Oliveira and John Beard who have dedicated their amazing talent, time, and energy to the EEDS. Thanks to the volunteers who helped keep our dancers hydrated during the parade, and thanks to Conor Montgomery and Dana Hasselbring for taking video and photos. We will be releasing photos and video over the course of the coming week. Thanks to our sponsors, Campagnola, Contemporanea, and the Evanston Arts Council, and finally to our major partner, the Music Institute of Chicago without whose support the EEDS would simply not exist.
In the coming days, we’ll be posting lots of photos and videos from the parade so you can catch some glimpses of our award-winning performance. Now it is on to the Thanksgiving Day Parade. And rumor has is we plan to win it!