Only 3 Days until Carnaval: Meet Oloboom!

Only 3 days until Carnaval! Today we are very excited to introduce a great percussion group that will be performing with EEDS at our Carnaval celebration – Oloboom. Here’s how Oloboom describes themselves and their mission:

Lane-Logo2Oloboom (founded in 2011) is a percussion class at Lane Tech College Prep High School in Chicago, IL, under the leadership of Reed Flygt.  We rehearse everyday and do our best to have fun making music in a supportive atmosphere.  Besides Samba, the class also focuses on music from Ghana, West-Africa.  In addition to having fun, we also increase our confidence and proficiency in music through a rigorous traditional curriculum involving weekly playing tests.  We are very excited to perform at our first ever Carnaval Event.