Connect with EEDS on Social Media

Can’t get enough Samba? Good news! – EEDS is launching all new social media sources! You can now be up-to-date on all EEDS news right from your smart phone and browser, just in time for the start of classes on June 2ndOur Social Media Intern Conor Montgomery has done a great job making EEDS even more connected this summer.

Want to get updates on class times, sign-ups, performances or even learn more about Brazilian culture? Follow @evanstonsamba on Twitter! Interested in seeing what goes on at classes and performances, or even some funny clips during Samba downtime? We will be updating the site over the summer with Vine videos as classes progresses.


Did you miss yesterday’s performance? Dying to see what the new costumes look like? Follow evanstonsamba on Instagram. Don’t forget we are on Facebook and YouTube, as well.

With all new ways to follow the action, you’ll be closer to EEDS than ever before. Follow us and enjoy!