What is Pagode? Or, Why You Should Come to EEDS Pagode Nights!

EEDS Pagode Nights kick-off this Thursday, July 18 from 7 to 9 PM [more info here]. But what exactly is pagode? Pagode is a type of Brazilian music, closely linked with samba. It’s always been popular, especially in Bahia and Rio, but it really took off in the 1980s when it was popularized by some great bands, especially Grupo Fundo de Quintal (roughly translating as “Backyard Group”). Check them out playing their hit Lucidez on Brazil’s Radio Mania:

Fundo de Quintal’s name gives a clue to pagode’s laid-back atmosphere, as pagode is typically played at large, informal gatherings, often occurring outdoors. Today, pagode nights are popular throughout Brazil, and the term may refer to the event as well as the genre of music. Since it is often played at parties or outdoor gatherings, the instruments used to play pagode are slightly different than samba, and smaller drums like the tan-tan are used instead of surdos. Pagode nights are fun, casual get-togethers, so why not join EEDS for a little music, food, and maybe even some impromptu dancing. We guarantee you’ll have fun!