Pagode Recap and Reference

Thanks to everyone for making our first Pagode night such a success! We learned the basics on chocalho and tamborimas well as the lyrics to some classic pagode tunes.


Our next drop-in pagode session will be in Evanston from 8:30-11:00pm on Wednesday, July 24. Again, please email us at for location information (it will be different from last time). We’ll be improving our skills as we prepare for the EEDS 10th Anniversary Celebration on July 26!

Until then, check out these videos of the songs we learned last night. Check out the instruments, sing along, and learn the chorus for our next jam session!

Acreditar, performed by Dona Ivone Lara and Nilze Carvalho:

O Meu Lugar, the signature song performed by Arlindo Cruz:

Lucidez, by pagode legends Grupo Fundo de Quintal:

Malandro, by the great Jorge Aragão:

Madalena do Jucú, here off the great collection “Samba de Raiz”: