2nd Week Update – We’re halfway through!

Our Kickstarter fundraising campaign is halfway over, and we wanted to offer our heartfelt thanks to those who have contributed this second week. Thank you for helping us spread Brazilian music and culture!:

  • Amanda Armstrong
  • Chris Hasselbring
  • Mateus Reppucci Vaz de Lima
  • Libby
  • Julia Bartos
  • Jacques Pépin and Full Plate Media
  • Mike Serritella


We are looking to raise $3,600, but with only 15 days to go, we still need over $2,400 to meet our goal! If we don’t meet our $3,600 total goal, we don’t see a penny of your donations, our Kickstarter closes June 7th at 10 AM. Please help out if you can – in order to contribute, please visit our Kickstarter fundraising page! If you are unable to contribute, help us by sharing our Kickstarter link! We are grateful for your support!