EEDS 2014 Enredo: “The World Comes to Brazil, and Brazil Comes to Evanston”


The world comes to Brazil…

The eyes of the world are on Brazil. As Brazil hosts the 2014 FIFA World Cup, we hope that teams, fans, and viewers from around the globe will discover that Brazil’s cultural riches, its history, and its music are deserving of all the world’s attention and celebration. For the Evanston Escola de Samba’s 2014 enredo, we join with our Brazilian friends in celebration of their accomplishment of hosting the 2014 World Cup, and in encouraging global unity and Brazilian national pride.

At the same time, the world comes to Brazil during a time of unprecedented economic growth and cultural change. The national protests in Brazil over the summer of 2013 showed how, for many Brazilians, the World Cup brings both deepened concern for the legacies of the past and renewed hope for the future as Brazil charges into the 21st century.

At this time of celebration and hope, there is no music more appropriate to permeate packed soccer stadiums and botecos than samba. Born from social inequality, samba came to Brazil from around the world. “The voice of the hill,” as Zé Keti called it, samba was born in Rio de Janeiro’s hillside communities as a response to social inequality and cultural marginalization. Samba borrowed from the world’s musical styles, infusing European elements on an African core, and created a culture all its own. And today, on the eve of the World Cup, this music of celebration and social change returns to the global stage that gave birth to it.

And Brazil comes to Evanston…

As the world comes to Brazil for the World Cup, the Evanston Escola de Samba celebrates how Brazil and samba already permeate Chicagoland. In an urban region with a vibrant and enthusiastic Brazilian community, the performance of Brazilian music and dance continues to enrich our civic and cultural life. In partnership with our Brazilian brothers and sisters at home and abroad, the Evanston Escola de Samba showcases samba as a vehicle for community engagement, social awareness, and arts education.

Through samba, we celebrate the unity of humanity as we seek renewed courage to face our world’s problems with focus and vigor, in pursuit of a better planet. We believe samba, the music that survived so much history and now enriches our lives, is the soundtrack of this pursuit. And so, as the world comes to Brazil, the Evanston Escola de Samba celebrates Brazil coming into our lives and our communities.

Our 2014 samba-enredo will be sung to the União da Ilha classic, “O amanhã,” as featured in the above arrangement by Monobloco. But the lyrics are fresh and new, reflecting our love of Brazilian history, the World Cup, and our hope for futbol and samba as unifying forces in our city and the world. Please join us on Central Street in Evanston on July 4th to sing along!

União da Ilha                                             Evanston Escola de Samba (2014)

A cigana leu o meu destino                        Samba kings have taken to the field
Eu sonhei!                                                  Evanston!
Bola de cristal                                             O jogo bonito
Jogo de búzios, cartomante                       Malandragem, canarinho
E eu sempre perguntei                               But still we have to know?

O que será o amanhã?                               Which side will score, and claim the crown?
Como vai ser o meu destino?                    Maracanã, a soccer samba?
Já desfolhei o mal-me-quer                        The stars and stripes? A seleção?
Primeiro amor de um menino                    Neymar’s 10, the magic number?

E vai chegando o amanhecer                    Now hear the music from the hill
Leio a mensagem zodiacal                        Rhythm of the drums is in the air
E o realejo diz                                             When the game is done
Que eu serei feliz, sempre feliz                  A win for everyone (for everyone)

Como será amanhã?                                  Brazil takes a bow center stage
Responda quem puder                               The world has come to play
O que irá me acontecer?                            Evanston Escola de Samba
O meu destino sera                                    Brings Brazil here for us
Como Deus quiser                                      on Independence Day
Como sera?                                                 Força da luz!