Kickstarter Success!

Obrigado, comunidade! Thank you everyone! With a last-minute push, we successfully hit our Kickstarter goal and raised over $3,700 for this year’s 4th of July Spectacular! We want to give a special thanks to our donors who came out in the past two weeks:

  • Priscilla Anzaldua
  • Michele Cooper
  • Roberto Defreitas
  • Sean Decker and Cesar Marron
  • Deep Blue Water Samba School
  • Gayle and Mike Fullerton
  • Jenny Greene
  • Rachel Goc & Richard Adams
  • Marina Kliger
  • Pat Overton
  • Andrew Rarey
  • Matthew Rarey & Lindsay Fullerton
  • Raymond Rarey
  • Rita Sacay
  • Ignacio Siles & Tania Cuevas
  • Susan Smith
  • Richard Cándida Smith
  • Sandra Taylor
  • Toronto Girl West
  • Natalie Wainwright
  • Susan Wenzel

In the coming days and weeks, stay tuned to this page for details about the parade and how you can participate. And be sure to learn our 2014 samba-enredo so you can sing along at the parade. Thanks to all of you, and see you on the 4th!