EEDS 4th of July Parade Prep Continues! Volunteers wanted!

4th of July Parade prep has been continuing along at a fierce pace. This year in particular, we are planning a big float to go along with our Soccer/Futebol themed samba enredo. There are a ton of ways you can get involved! On the day of the parade itself, Friday July 4th, we will be doing a ton of setup, so if you have that day off we would love for you to join us! The parade starts at 2 PM but we will be spending all of the morning and night before prepping! If you are interested in helping out in any of these ways send an email to!


Float Prep: If you are interested in helping out with float prep in terms of painting or constructing pieces let us know, we still have a lot of work to be done on the float decoration and everyone is welcome! if you are a construction whiz, even better.

Float Set Up: We need a ton of help actually setting up and constructing our float the day of the parade. Come help lend a hand – this part is always very fun!

Being in the Parade: Also let us know if you are interested in marching alongside in the parade or being a featured member on one of our floats. We also need two volunteers to carry our banner!

Logistics: Are you a pro at keeping everyone in line? We need a few people to help us distribute water and help with parade organization the day of.