Evanston Ethnic Arts Festival 2016

Hello Sambistas!

Our gig is Sunday July 17th at 12 pm!  Dawes Park!  1700 Sheridan Road, Evanston.  #Boom

call time is 11 am.  white pants and EEDS shirt.  If you do not have a shirt e-mail reedflygt@gmail.com with your preferred size.  the samba van is leaving SRBCC (4048 w. armitage) around 10:15 am with room for 11 people, drums, coolers full of water and more, and great friendship!  contact reedflygt@gmail.com to reserve a spot in the van.  title the e-mail “samba van confirmation request.” right now i have spots for kelson, sergio, gloria, eudald, and michael covington.

REPERTOIRE: Last Rehearsal is this Wednesday July 13th 7-9 pm.

-Rio Style Samba with the appropriate Swing Feel

-Breaks 1,2,3,4,5 and 6.

-Jorge Break “Butterfly”

-EEDS classic break “All of Shoulder”

-Baiana and Gerais Break (Gerais Break, Gerais Mangueira, Gerais 12 – 8)

all tracks here (https://soundcloud.com/evanston-escola-de-samba/tracks)

musically yours!