Updated Repertoire and NEWS!


here are some things to check out!

EEDS Check list: Updated 1.20.16

  1. e-mail me!  reedflygt@gmail.com
  2. if needed 608.434.3173
  3. Carnaval is April 2nd.
  4. Jorge Alabe is coming Mar. 30th 7-9 pm and April 1st 7-9 pm.  $25 per class
  5. if you want transcriptions let me know specifically


  • Call and Response 
  • Breaks 1,2,3 and modified 3,5 and 6.
  • Shoulder Tap with extended surdo variation
  •  “O” aka Pirate, Jorge Alabe Breaks: “Thumb,” “T,” “Butterfly,” “Temple” 
  • Jorge Alabe Long Paradinha
  • Harlem Samba Big O Break and Surdo #4 Variation
  • Vou Festejar and Mocidade opening sequence

REPERTOIRE: Dudu Fuentes Material

  • Ijexa
  • Gerais Deja Gerais (?)
  • Baiana


  • Group Material: O Amanha, Vou Festejar, Explode Coracao, and Mocidade 2016
  • Bloco Maximo: Salgueiro 2014, Beija Flor 2015, E Hoje

You can check out recordings of some of these breaks on our Soundcloud page. We will be updating these recordings as the weeks progress.


-O Amanha w/ appropriate breaks (Monobloco version)

-Vou Festejar w/ appropriate breaks

-Mocidade 2016 w/ appropriate breaks (1 Break and Ending)

-Peguei Um Ita No Norte (AKA “Explode Coracao”) Salgueiro 1993

Check out the official EEDS 4th of July 2014 video

Maybe you have already seen this video on our Facebook Page, but we are more than happy to share it again! EEDS Videographer Michael Rhee produced this gorgeous video of our 2014 4th of July Parade. Enjoy (and be sure to watch in HD!) !

Pictures from Open Rehearsal

Last Saturday, November 16th, there was an open bateria rehearsal at the Quilombo Cultural Center. It was great to see percussionists from all across the samba community in Chicago come together to jam. We covered ijexá, coco and samba batucada beats. Thanks to everyone who attended – it was a lot of fun! These rehearsals will be occurring monthly, so keep an eye out on this blog (or on Facebook) for the next event.

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November Update!

Hey!  Let’s catch up with some current events!

Over halloween some members of Bloco Maximo and EEDS headed to NYC to play with Samba New York! for their Halloween Parade.  It was a blast!  Here are some pictures and videos.

NYC 2013

Other Information

  • Yesterday was another great rehearsal at Quilombo Cultural Center.  Almost too much fun!  (More on that later).
  • Check out this recording for reference of current EEDS material: 

Upcoming Events

  • This Friday (Nov. 22nd) Pagode Maximo will be playing in Chicago at Borelli’s Pizza 6:30 – 8 pm. (2124 W. Lawrence).
  • This weekend there is a pretty awesome event, the Zumbi Celebration, organized by Gingarte Capoeira at the University of Chicago: check out: http://www.gingartecapoeira.org/ for more information.

Zumbi Celebration Schedule

Friday, November 22nd
Location: Gingarte Academy 1501 W. Chicago Ave. Chicago IL
6:30-7:00pm registration
7:00-9:00pm warm up and opening capoeira Roda

Saturday, November 23rd
Location: Ida Noyes Hall 1212 E. 59th St. Chicago IL 60637
10:30-11:00am registration
11:00-12:30pm capoeira workshop
12:30-1:30pm roda
1:30-2:30 Lunch break
2:30-3:45 dance workshop

Performance and Film Screening Saturday evening
Location: International House 1414 E. 59th St. Chicago IL 60615
5:30-6:00 doors open
6:00-7:00pm Show
7:15-10:00pm Palestra/documentary/dinner

Sunday November 24th
Location: Ida Noyes Hall
10:30-10:45am registration
10:45-12:00pm Dancas do Quilombo wokshop
12:00-1:15pm Capoeira workshop
1:15- 2:00pm break/food
2:00-4:00pm closing roda

-keep swinging hard

Keep the Party Going with EEDS!


Rainha de Bateria, Dill Costa and EEDS Bateria, Photo by Laura Hamm

Evanston Escola de Samba’s 2013 4th of July Parade was a great success. Everyone did a fabulous job – and now we have the photographs and videos to show for it! Check out both of our photo albums on Facebook for some amazing pictures. However the 4th of July parade is just the beginning for EEDS, and we would love for you to join us for these upcoming events and classes.

We are having a music-filled 10th anniversary party for EEDS on Friday, July 26th from 7 to 10 PM and you are all invited, more details to follow shortly.

Moreover, if you had a great time participating in or watching the 4th of July Parade stay tuned for our Fall dance and percussion class offerings, which will start in September. Keep watching our Facebook page and blog for more updates, photos and videos! Samba on!



Rainha de Bateria, Mestre Sala and EEDS Passistas, Photo by Laura Hamm

Connect with EEDS on Social Media

Can’t get enough Samba? Good news! – EEDS is launching all new social media sources! You can now be up-to-date on all EEDS news right from your smart phone and browser, just in time for the start of classes on June 2ndOur Social Media Intern Conor Montgomery has done a great job making EEDS even more connected this summer.

Want to get updates on class times, sign-ups, performances or even learn more about Brazilian culture? Follow @evanstonsamba on Twitter! Interested in seeing what goes on at classes and performances, or even some funny clips during Samba downtime? We will be updating the site over the summer with Vine videos as classes progresses.


Did you miss yesterday’s performance? Dying to see what the new costumes look like? Follow evanstonsamba on Instagram. Don’t forget we are on Facebook and YouTube, as well.

With all new ways to follow the action, you’ll be closer to EEDS than ever before. Follow us and enjoy!

Photos from our dance workshop at Northwestern!

On April 25, EEDS hosted a well-attended dance workshop for the Northwestern University Luso-Brazilian Association (NULBA), continuing a partnership with them that began last year when the EEDS bateria performed with NULBA at Northwestern’s Global Village.


This year, legendary samba dancer Dill Costa led an EEDS samba workshop during Northwestern’s “Night of Brazil,” hosted by Professor Ana Williams. Dill taught Brazilian dance and allowed participants to wear authentic Brazilian carnival costumes. A great time was had by all!


Many thanks to NULBA and Olga Korobova for helping to organize the workshop!