hello world! here are some exciting announcements!!  MORE DETAILS FORTHCOMING

rehearsals and upcoming gigs:

  • 6/4 Bloco Maximo rehearsal 7-8:30 pm @ 2649 n. kildare.
  • 6/6 EEDS rehearsal 7-9 pm @ 2649 n. kildare
  • 6/9 EEDS, BM, Oloboom and more perform at Taste of Yates (1839 n. richmond) arrive at 6 pm.  play for 60 minutes.  may be 7-8 pm or earlier.
  • 6/11 BM rehearsal 7-9 pm @ 2649 n. kildare
  • 6/13 EEDS rehearsal 7-9 pm @ 2649 n. kildare
  • 6/18 BM rehearsal 7-9 pm @ 2649 n. kildare
  • 6/20 EEDS rehearsal 7-9 pm @ 2649 n. kildare
  • 6/21 Make Music Chicago on LT Lawn 6-7:30 (https://www.facebook.com/events/373481543140311/)
  • 6/23 606 parade w/ EEDS and Oloboom 3-5 pm.  meet at 1805 n. albany.  dancers will be joining us.
  • 6/24 Pride Parade with Moacyr.  Under the name Folia Brasil, Chicago Samba will be participating at the Pride Parade.  We are looking for drummers/percussionists and dancers for the event.  This will be a parade carnaval style presentation. (https://www.facebook.com/events/415179145614842/)
  • 6/27 EEDS rehearsal 7-9 pm @ 2649 n. kildare
  • tuesday 7/3 rehearsal 7-9 pm LANE TECH LAWN in preparation for 4th of july parade
  • WEDNESDAY 7/4 meet in Evanston 12:30 pm for parade.  unit #55 sector 8.  Hastings Ave, along bent park.  
  • thursday 7/5 ALL rehearsal 7-10 pm at SRBCC 4048 w. armitage with special guest. $20
  • friday 7/6 pagode maximo gig TBA 7 pm
  • tuesday 7/10 class with Dudu Fuentes 7-9 pm most likely outside on LT lawn
  • wednesday 7/11 class with Dudu Fuentes 7-9 pm most likely outside on LT lawn
  • thursday 7/12 class with Dudu Fuentes 7-9 pm @ 1757 n. kimball
  • friday 7/13 class with Dudu Fuentes 7-9 pm and noemi’s going away party 8:30 pm – 12 am at HER HOUSE.
  • saturday 7/15 parade with Dudu for Folk and Roots Festival
  • wednesday 7/18 EEDS rehearsal 7-9 pm at 2649 n. kildare
  • sunday 7/22 Evanston ethnic arts festival 5 pm.  30 minute parade.
  • wednesday 7/25 EEDS rehearsal 7-9 pm at Lane Tech Lawn
  • friday 7/27 EEDS rehearsal 7-9 pm at Lane Tech Lawn
  • saturday 7/28 SAMBA Champions-Only Event and Concert at the Irish-American Heritage Center
  • sunday 9/9 Evanston Streets Alive 1:30 – 2 pm Performance 

all normal EEDS classes are $10.  special guest rehearsals will be specified closer to event and exact locations will be specified closer to event.  the date and time frames will not change.  most rehearsals will take place at kildare studios, LT lawn, Quilombo, and maybe my church.  ALL details are tentative and subject to change.  time frames are suggestions.  happy practicing! call or text me if you have a question.  i am on summer break friday 6/22 at 6:00 am.

4th of July 2017!

please get ready for 4th of july parade in evanston!

only 2 more wednesday bateria rehearsals left (the 21st and 28th) @ SRBCC 7:30-9pm.  4048 w. armitage.  most likely will be performing all numbered breaks (1-6) thumb break and baiana.  bateria members will need an EEDS shirt, white pants/shorts, pleasant attitude, and appropriate swing feel.

working on scheduling another rehearsal with the dancers.  TBA.

trying to finalize our theme with “evanston’s heroes are america’s heroes: our first responders.” the bateria is going with a fireman theme.  a few surprises are in store.  will need to assemble on central street in evanston at our assigned location at 12:30 pm.  parade is at 2 pm.  we are working on a 5 pm post-hang gig and celebration.


Thanks for a great 2015 EEDS Carnaval!


Another Carnaval for the record books! We hope you had as much fun as we did.  Thanks to all of our wonderful performers who helped make the night so special!

  • Mestre Jorge Alabê – thank you for sharing your time and talent
  • International Capoeira Angola Foundation
  • Contemporary Music Project
  • Dill Costa and passistas:  Trish Carolan, Uyshica Brown, Erica Johnson, Tania Daley, and Jean Fitzgerald
  • Dance lessons and performances by Ariel Barbick, Etienne Montanez and Cristina Grieco
  • American Association of Brazilian Candomblé and Culture
  • Bateria Quilombola
  • EEDS Bateria
  • Bloco Maximo
  • Oloboom

We also wanted to thank our wonderful sponsors, who generously donated their goods and services to EEDS:

We were also lucky enough to have delicious Brazilian food sold by Taste of Brasil and beer from Sketchbook Brewing Company. A big thanks also goes out to all of the wonderful volunteers who helped make the event run smoothly, as well as the tireless efforts of the EEDS leadership and board. We hope this Carnaval event becomes a part of your yearly tradition. We had a great time singing, dancing and celebrating with you all. See you all soon!


EEDS’ New Residency for 2015

Greetings and Happy New Year to All!

We want to start the year off with some good news: Evanston Escola De Samba is excited to announce that we will begin our residency at Segundo Ruiz Belvis Cultural Center (SRBCC) in February. SRBCC is cultural arts organization located in Chicago’s Hermosa Neighborhood (at 4046 W Armitage), dedicated to preserving and promoting appreciation of the culture and arts of Puerto Rico. You may remember that EEDS hosted a successful Carnaval event at SRBCC last March. We plan on hosting another Carnaval event this year – so stay tuned for more details on Carnaval 2015.

We are excited to continue our partnership with SRBCC and enhance the mission of EEDS by offering more classes, hosting cultural events, and expanding our programming. We aim to achieve a greater impact in the community by promoting cultural arts, music and dance opportunities for all. Stay tuned for our February class schedule and more exciting things to come!

Support EEDS in 2015!


Hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season!

As you know, the Evanston Escola de Samba (EEDS) is a volunteer run 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to teach, perform, and promote Brazilian music and dance as a vehicle for arts education and community engagement in Chicagoland.  For over 10 years, EEDS has provided classes, workshops and performances to the Chicagoland community, working with schools, nonprofit organizations, and communities to promote the love of Brazilian music and culture and bringing people of various backgrounds together.  This past year EEDS had some great highlights, including:

  • Hosting our first ever Carnaval Event in March funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign
  • Winning the Chief Judge’s Award for Special Merit in the Evanston 4th of July Parade
  • Workshops with Philip Galinsky of Samba! New York, and San Francisco percussionist Jimmy Biala
  • Running many school performances and classes with over 1,000 participants, including Dawes Elementary in Evanston, the Evanston Ethnic Arts Festival, and Shared Streets in Evanston

EEDS also built a new partnership with the Segundo Ruiz Belvis Cultural Center (SRBCC). Together, EEDS and SRBCC hope to promote not only Brazilian music and culture, but to advance the mission of community organizations working to provide quality music and dance educational opportunities for all.

As we plan for 2015 we need your support more than ever! EEDS relies on support from individuals like you who value arts education, and opportunities to provide culturally rich programming to those who are unable to afford classes. With your support, we will continue to be able to provide scholarships, discounted class fees, and workshops. This will ensure that all members of the community that wish to participate in our programs are able to do so. In 2015, we also hope to move into our own class, practice and performance space, which will allow us to better serve the community. Building from our strengths in 2014, we hope to have great success next year and need your support to make it happen.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to EEDS to help us further our mission through outreach, performance and engaging the Chicagoland community through Brazilian music and dance.

You can also send a check, payable to Evanston Escola de Samba, at the address below.

Evanston Escola de Samba
P.O. Box 5108
Evanston, IL 60204

Thank you very much for your continued support and we hope to see you in 2015!

Happy Giving Tuesday!

GTWeb-Banner5You know about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but what about Giving Tuesday? Today, Tuesday, December 2nd is officially the day of giving back to non-profit organizations, who do so much for the community with limited resources. In the spirit of Giving Tuesday, consider making a tax-deductible contribution to EEDS or another non-profit organization you support today! We appreciate your support in bringing our message of dance and music to Chicagoland!


September Events Recap

September has been a busy month for EEDS, this week we hosted a special teacher, Derek Wright from Los Angeles. Derek taught the bateria some Maracatu, from the Northeastern Brazilian state of Pernambuco, and an Afoxé rhythm (secular music based on sacred Candomblé rhythms from northeastern Brazil). It was a lot of fun – and big thanks to Derek for helping add some new patterns and styles to our repertoire!
DerekClass DerekClass2

 Earlier in the month, we performed an outdoor samba concert and parade at Evanston Streets Alive, an outdoor block party that took over Main street. It was a lot of fun to parade for a crowd, and we think the crowd enjoyed themselves, too. We have some more notable events on the horizon including a percussion workshop with Jimmy Biala on Wednesday, October 1st. You can find more information on our Facebook event page – look forward to seeing you there.

EEDS 4th of July Parade Wrap-Up and Thank Yous

We’re going to say it. Yesterday, along Central Street in downtown Evanston, the Evanston Escola de Samba put on the largest and most spectacular samba parade Chicagoland has ever seen. With two prominent floats, thirty fabulous dancers, forty-five enthusiastic percussionists, and a trio of talented singers, this show was hard to beat. The parade judges agreed. For the third time in as many years, EEDS goes home with one of three overall Evanston 4th of July Parade awards: the coveted Chief Judge’s Award for Special Merit.


Dill Costa and the EEDS passistas performing in front of the parade judges. Photo by Heather Marie.

As always, so many people worked so hard to make this parade happen this year. We first must recognize anyone and everyone who contributed to our successful Kickstarter campaign. Quite literally, none of this could happen without your support, and we thank you.

Each year, scores of dancers, musicians and volunteers that make everything possible. We want to express special gratitude to the EEDS parade committee: Carol Greene, Lindsay Fullerton, Matthew Rarey, Rachel Goc, Richard Adams, Rita Sacay, and Dill Costa for helping to conceive of the parade and working so tirelessly over the past month to get it done. And of course, EEDS could not exist without the leadership of our executive director, Jessica Anzaldua, and our mestre da bateria, Reed Flygt. They bring so much energy and hard work to the organization, and it shows!  And a special kudos to Peter Korajczyk for getting our bateria ready and leading in the weeks before the parade.


The EEDS Bateria taking it to Central Street. Photo by Heather Marie.

Thanks as always to the amazing Dill Costa, our head of dance and rainha da bateria, who crafted and choreographed our best dance sections ever. So many dancers come to EEDS from Dill’s classes at the Old Town School of Folk Music, and we hope to see you all year after year. Special thanks also to the members of Grupo Axé Capoeira – we will always consider you part of the EEDS family. And as always, a special shout-out to our wonderful mestre-sala and porta-bandeira, Zenaida Saez and Jaime Angeles, who carry the EEDS flag proudly. Thanks to Kirsty Montgomery who made our Porta Bandeira’s costume sparkle. Finally, our performing singers and cavaquinho players were amazing: John Beard, Rachel Goc, and David Chelimsky. You guys bring the energy!

Our bateria would never sound as good as it does without Reed Flygt, our fearless mestre. Special thanks to our Lane Tech bateria members, who brought so much fun and spirit to classes and the performance. It goes without saying how much everyone at EEDS loves our friends from Bloco Maximo who give our bateria extra swing. Thanks also to visiting percussionists Jimmy Biala and Yuko Tamura for bringing their talents to the bateria. And finally, we were thrilled this year to welcome Rosemberge dos Reis from GRES Imperatriz Leopoldinense in Rio de Janeiro to perform with our bateria: we hope you return to Chicago soon, and that we can return the favor in Rio!



The EEDS Soccer Float, featuring a six-foot inflatable soccer ball!


Volunteers make everything better. We had two floats this year, designed in their entirety by the parade committee, and built with their own labor and that of so many great EEDS members and volunteers: Eudald Lerga, Nate Cornish, Sariah Noel, and Rosa Anzaldua; and our float performers, Randy Weade, Brenda Weade, Colin Fitzpatrick, Victor, Zayoni, Maria Elena, and Will. Sarah Dandelles, Chris Hasselbring, Jack Hasselbring, and the rest of the Hasselbring clan also deserve extra credit for their help on parade day.


Our porta-bandeira, mestre-sala, and EEDS passistas showing off their costumes. Photo by Heather Marie.

Finally, a thanks those who helped us record this fabulous event: our official photographer, Heather Marie, and our videographer, Michael Rhee. In addition, we were thrilled to welcome Any Guelmann all the way from New York in her choice to make EEDS the focus of her artistic practice for a few days. In the coming days, we’ll be posting lots of photos and videos from the parade so you can catch some glimpses of our award-winning performance. If you have any photos you would like to share – email them to evanstonsamba@gmail.com. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram for more info on classes, workshops, and events (as well as some generally awesome photo updates). The 4th of July is just the beginning! Stay Tuned!

Happy 4th of July from Evanston Escola de Samba!

Hi! Welcome! Olá! Bem-Vindo! Maybe you saw us (or heard us) at the Evanston 4th of the July Parade and are hoping to learn a little bit more. We are happy to have you here! We offer dance and percussion classes for all ages and levels year-round. Stay tuned for updates on our fall schedule soon. In the meantime, keep up with us on Facebook, where you will see a lot of great 4th of July photos. We’re also on Twitter (@evanstonsamba) and Instagram! Come be a part of our samba family!



Our 2014 samba-enredo will be released tomorrow!

Samba fans, it is that time, at long last! Our 2014 4th of July Spectacular is one month from today, and we are so excited about what will be our best parade ever. If you are getting excited, you can still help support our volunteer and community-driven parade on Kickstarter, as well as join our summer dance class session beginning Saturday!

But tomorrow is the big reveal: we will be announcing our official theme, official parade song (samba-enredo), and our own logo for this year’s parade. Want a hint as to what it might be? This may give a hint.