Carnaval 2014 was a great success! Thank you!

Thank you all so much! Muito obrigado! Our 2014 Carnaval celebration went off with out a hitch on Saturday! It was so wonderful to see everyone together dancing, singing, playing music and having a wonderful time. Samba knows no borders and we were so happy to bring a little piece of Brazilian Carnaval to Chicago. A big thank you for everyone who attended and helped make Carnaval 2014 such a success! We love you all and hope to see you at another event or class soon! Keep your eyes on our blog and Facebook page in the coming days for updates on our Spring classes as well as info about our 2014 Samba-Enredo.


Special thanks to.:

  • Our inimitable leaders: Bateria Director Reed Flygt, Executive Director Jessica Anzaldua and Board President Matt Rarey
  • The EEDS Board of Directors and everyone who helped volunteer at the event, special shout-outs to John Beard, Lindsay Fullerton, Carol Greene, Caitlin Andrew, Nilce Landau, Rita Sacay, Priscilla Anzaldua, Rosa Anzaldua, Miles Comiskey, Andrew Green, Peter Korajczyk, Eudald Lerga, Richard Adams, Lane Tech students and parents and everyone who lent a hand!
  • Luis Bermúdez, Amber Mohammed, and everyone at the Segundo Ruiz Belvis Cultural Center – we know our wonderful partnership is just beginning
  • Heather Marie, for her amazing photos featured on this page, check them all out here.
  • Taste of Brazil Cafe in Oak Park and Whole Foods, our food and beverage sponsors


Support EEDS just by shopping on Amazon!

The holiday shopping season is upon us, and now a portion of your purchases can help EEDS’ non-profit mission! EEDS recently joined Amazon Smile, where a portion of any Amazon purchase is donated to a non-profit. All you have to do is go to Amazon Smile, add EEDS as your charity (or by using this link EEDS is automatically added as your charity), and shop as you normally would. Thanks for your support!

Evanston Escola De Samba

November Update!

Hey!  Let’s catch up with some current events!

Over halloween some members of Bloco Maximo and EEDS headed to NYC to play with Samba New York! for their Halloween Parade.  It was a blast!  Here are some pictures and videos.

NYC 2013

Other Information

  • Yesterday was another great rehearsal at Quilombo Cultural Center.  Almost too much fun!  (More on that later).
  • Check out this recording for reference of current EEDS material: 

Upcoming Events

  • This Friday (Nov. 22nd) Pagode Maximo will be playing in Chicago at Borelli’s Pizza 6:30 – 8 pm. (2124 W. Lawrence).
  • This weekend there is a pretty awesome event, the Zumbi Celebration, organized by Gingarte Capoeira at the University of Chicago: check out: for more information.

Zumbi Celebration Schedule

Friday, November 22nd
Location: Gingarte Academy 1501 W. Chicago Ave. Chicago IL
6:30-7:00pm registration
7:00-9:00pm warm up and opening capoeira Roda

Saturday, November 23rd
Location: Ida Noyes Hall 1212 E. 59th St. Chicago IL 60637
10:30-11:00am registration
11:00-12:30pm capoeira workshop
12:30-1:30pm roda
1:30-2:30 Lunch break
2:30-3:45 dance workshop

Performance and Film Screening Saturday evening
Location: International House 1414 E. 59th St. Chicago IL 60615
5:30-6:00 doors open
6:00-7:00pm Show
7:15-10:00pm Palestra/documentary/dinner

Sunday November 24th
Location: Ida Noyes Hall
10:30-10:45am registration
10:45-12:00pm Dancas do Quilombo wokshop
12:00-1:15pm Capoeira workshop
1:15- 2:00pm break/food
2:00-4:00pm closing roda

-keep swinging hard

Introduction to Ijexá

As EEDS Bateria Class is in full swing, our mestre Reed is introducing the class to a bunch of new styles. Last week we began learning Ijexá, a traditionally religious style that features a distinctive, heavy agogo pattern layered over polyrhythmic percussion. Ijexá (named for a subgroup of the Yoruba people in Nigeria and Benin) is the name given to a series of sacred rhythms in Candomblé, an Afro-Brazilian religion based on Yoruba theology. At EEDS, we’ve adpted the rhythm to a secular performance context, just as many groups in Bahia and Pernambuco do. These groups are called Afoxês, and there are a bunch of famous ones in northeastern Brazil (the secularized music they play is also called afoxê). The Afoxê Oxum Pandá in Olinda is one of the best known, and the most popular is probably the Afoxê Filhos de Gandhy in Salvador. For a great taste of ijexá, check out this great video from the Afoxé Oyá Alaxé in Recife, and their praise song to Oyá.

Keep the Party Going with EEDS!


Rainha de Bateria, Dill Costa and EEDS Bateria, Photo by Laura Hamm

Evanston Escola de Samba’s 2013 4th of July Parade was a great success. Everyone did a fabulous job – and now we have the photographs and videos to show for it! Check out both of our photo albums on Facebook for some amazing pictures. However the 4th of July parade is just the beginning for EEDS, and we would love for you to join us for these upcoming events and classes.

We are having a music-filled 10th anniversary party for EEDS on Friday, July 26th from 7 to 10 PM and you are all invited, more details to follow shortly.

Moreover, if you had a great time participating in or watching the 4th of July Parade stay tuned for our Fall dance and percussion class offerings, which will start in September. Keep watching our Facebook page and blog for more updates, photos and videos! Samba on!



Rainha de Bateria, Mestre Sala and EEDS Passistas, Photo by Laura Hamm

10 Days to Carnaval: Carnaval Creativity and Crafts


A future passista wearing a classic handmade EEDS headpiece.

The countdown to Carnaval continues: only 10 days to go! Today, we wanted to give a little sample of what you can expect at our EEDS Carnaval Celebration in addition to music and dancing! We have a whole lineup of crafts for young and old alike. You will be able to make masks, headpieces, and other costume elements to get into the Carnaval mood. For those who are percussion-inclined there also will be a shaker making station so you can samba at home. If you need a little nudge to get started there will be a Carnaval-themed coloring station, too!

Introducing Reed

The countdown to Carnaval is on – only 15 days left to EEDS’ Carnaval celebration! Leading up to the event, we will be introducing some of the new faces of EEDS as well as some of the Carnaval activities you can look forward to. So let us first introduce Reed Flygt, the new executive director of EEDS, and one of our percussion instructors. Reed has a plethora of percussion experience and we are excited to have him on our team. Learn more about Reed on our instructor page.


Thanks to our 2012 contributors!

As Evanston Escola de Samba’s 2012 season draws to a close, we wanted to personally thank all those who generously donated to their time, energy, and resources to EEDS during the past year. Please join us in thanking all the friends of EEDS by visiting our official contributors page!

But even with such a successful year, EEDS still needs your support!

EEDS is one of Chicagoland’s most unique intergenerational programs: children and parents, spouses and grandparents come together to make Brazilian music and have fun. This past year, EEDS brought the joy of samba to more than 1,000 individuals of all ages through dance and percussion classes throughout Chicagoland. Please help us to grow this inclusive and multi-generational program for our community with a tax deductible gift. Your contribution will go directly toward EEDS’ most pressing needs, including:

  • Financial support for scholarships for students in need
  • The purchase of costume elements for underserved youth to be used at our performances
  • The purchase of additional Brazilian percussion instruments to be used in residencies, where our professionals bring Brazilian music to public school children
  • Financial support for EEDS’s participation in the Evanston 4th of July Parade. This includes the performance of a “Samba Enredo” (theme song) to be recorded by the escola and performed with live musicians in parades

With your much needed help, we hope to increase our outreach events and offer the joy of samba to everyone in our community. To give, click on the yellow icon at the right of this page, or visit our official donation page. Once again, thanks to all of our contributors over the past year, and thank you for your continued support!