Updated Repertoire and NEWS!


here are some things to check out!

EEDS Check list: Updated 1.20.16

  1. e-mail me!  reedflygt@gmail.com
  2. if needed 608.434.3173
  3. Carnaval is April 2nd.
  4. Jorge Alabe is coming Mar. 30th 7-9 pm and April 1st 7-9 pm.  $25 per class
  5. if you want transcriptions let me know specifically


  • Call and Response 
  • Breaks 1,2,3 and modified 3,5 and 6.
  • Shoulder Tap with extended surdo variation
  •  “O” aka Pirate, Jorge Alabe Breaks: “Thumb,” “T,” “Butterfly,” “Temple” 
  • Jorge Alabe Long Paradinha
  • Harlem Samba Big O Break and Surdo #4 Variation
  • Vou Festejar and Mocidade opening sequence

REPERTOIRE: Dudu Fuentes Material

  • Ijexa
  • Gerais Deja Gerais (?)
  • Baiana


  • Group Material: O Amanha, Vou Festejar, Explode Coracao, and Mocidade 2016
  • Bloco Maximo: Salgueiro 2014, Beija Flor 2015, E Hoje

You can check out recordings of some of these breaks on our Soundcloud page. We will be updating these recordings as the weeks progress.


-O Amanha w/ appropriate breaks (Monobloco version)

-Vou Festejar w/ appropriate breaks

-Mocidade 2016 w/ appropriate breaks (1 Break and Ending)

-Peguei Um Ita No Norte (AKA “Explode Coracao”) Salgueiro 1993


Videos for Class on Wednesday, December 10

Hello Sambistas! A reminder that we are in fact having class on Wednesday – EEDS Percussion Instructor Peter Korajczyk will be leading the bateria as we continue to learn repertoire for CARNAVAL 2015!

Check out these video below, featuring Marcus Santos and Monobloco, for some models and inspiration as we move forward with our new material. See you all Wednesday!

Bateria Material for July 4th

Hello Bateria!  This summer we will only perform Rio Style Samba!  At LAST!! A DREAM COME TRUE!

Our material will include two samba-enredos (O Amanha, Vou Festejar) with their respective arrangement in addition to our collective repertoire.  Happy Drumming!!


Watch these videos!

These are two of the group pieces for Bateria Muito Legal!  Get ready to hear these songs on March 15th!


New Bateria Arrangement for Vou Festejar

Check out this tutorial video for our new arrangement of Vou Festejar featuring Andrew Green!